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Genetic Carrier Testing in Pregnancy

Discussion about genetic carrier testing is now recommended for all couples planning a pregnancy.

Understanding your risk of a serious inherited disease may alter the testing you have during your pregnancy. Sometimes as part of this process you may find a risk of future health problems for you or your partner.

We help you understand these risks and understand the next steps for your current pregnancy. If there is a health risk for you associated with being a carrier we provide advice about how to can help explain how to manage your future health care.

Genetic Testing to Understand Disability

Genetic diseases are now recognised as a major cause of disability in early childhood. Genetic testing for severe disability is now funded through medicare for patients 10 years or younger.

Understanding the genetic cause of your child’s disability can answer many questions and connect you with families with the same disorder to share in your experiences. Testing can provide insights into appropriate health management plans and the risk posed to other family members.

This information can also help inform future pregnancy planning.

Cancer Genetics

We provide genetic counselling, cancer risk assessments and medical advice. Where appropriate, genetic testing for individuals and their families who may be at increased risk of developing cancer, can be recommended. We are able to facilitate this testing and liaise with your medical team.

Understanding genetic risk is increasingly part of the cancer journey for many patients with breast, ovarian, bowel and other cancers. Identified risk factors may influence the treatment and management advised by your medical team.

Knowing these risks will also improve the health management for children and other family members.

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