Frequently Asked Questions

What is involved?

All aspects of genetic testing will be discussed, including any pros or cons and what any results would mean for your future care. If pursued, genetic testing can be arranged and any pathology samples collected. We will then book you in for a follow-up appointment with Dr Field to go through the results.

An initial appointment is booked for approximately 1 hour. In the consultation Dr Field will gather your medical and family history to discuss whether genetic testing is indicated. There is no obligation to pursue genetic testing if you attend an appointment.

Do I need a referral?

A referral for a consultation is required to receive a Medicare rebate. The referral should be addressed to Dr Michael Field’s Geneticfield location.

How do I prepare for an appointment?

After making a booking, our team will be in touch with confirmation and provide further information. You will receive a link to our patient software where you can upload your personal details and Medicare information. We will need this for your claim on the day, so please ensure this is completed. You will also need to send your referral through to the admin team prior to the appointment. Please bring any relevant pathology reports or family history information.

What is the cost?

An initial appointment costs $420 (Medicare rebate $240.75). Subsequent appointments cost $175 (Medicare rebate $137.65) and can be arranged via telehealth or face to face. If genetic testing is deemed appropriate there may be additional costs, if non-Medicare eligible. These costs vary and depend on factors such as family history and will be discussed during a consult. If you have any questions regarding costs – please reach out to our team.


We offer Telehealth appointments where required. An initial consultation is preferred to be in person and any follow-up consultations can easily be attended via telehealth


Please provide a minimum of 48 hours notice for any cancellation or rescheduling. This ensures we can offer you an alternative appointment promptly and offers other patients a chance to attend Geneticfield earlier.

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